Wine Investment

Hock Tong Bee is a one-stop wine and spirit solution hub for all food and beverage businesses. We seek to add value to what you are doing to enhance the F&B experience for your customers.

Some of our Services:

  • Consultation of vineyard or winery acquisition and sales
  • Retail and promotional solutions
  • Wine talks and dinners by prolific wine speakers and wine makers
  • Logistics and delivery solutions
  • Event and promotional collaboration
  • Private labeling of wines

Wine Storage

In HTB, we believe in offering a one-stop hub solution for our valued clients, we have a state of the art Wine Storage Facility specially catered to client’s needs for a tip top wine storage condition. 24 hours security and surveillance camera is installed, to ensure the safety of the well kept wines. Temperature is always maintaining at 12 degree, in tag with Charcoal filter system in place to ensure the wine to be in good condition constantly. To prevent wines from going to a state of shock, a ‘Wine Resting Room’ is constructed, which the temperature is maintain at 18 degree to allow wines to settle down for a day or so before transferring over to the 12 degree room. With all these process in place, I am sure your wines will always be enjoyed at the most optimal condition and hence that is called ‘The Pleasure of Wine’.

Why store your premium Fine Wines in other places where you can choose to store in World-class storage Facilities, XII degrees Pte Ltd?

Feel free to contact XII degrees to cellar your precious wines in a temperature-controlled and anti-vibration environment wine storage facilities at very reasonable rates.

Additional Insurance can be purchased against all risk of physical loss or damage. For more information, visit

We also offer guidance and logistic solutions in establishing a suitable cellar plan at the comfort of your own home. Feel free to contact

Wine Investment

The prices of blue chip, investment-grade wines continue to rise because these wines are in increasing demand while their volume is both finite and diminishing. From the harvest date and their bottling, the quantity of these wines can only decrease, sometimes at remarkable rates, especially when the wine is mature enough to be consumed.

Our Investment Managers use their wealth of experience, knowledge and vast exit options to put together the most profitable investment wine packages for our clients. Please contact us for more information.

Special Request

With our reputation in the market for more than 75 years, and as one of the most pioneer in the wine industry.

Our contacts has been well establish and far-fetch, hence if there is any particular vintage or wines that you are looking for, do let us know and we will always do our best to assist.

Corporate Gift Solution

We have a team of Corporate leaders to fulfill your requirement and offering ideas for customization of your corporate gift.Packing and delivery has been done before for gifts quantity ranging from 50 sets to 1500 sets and even many more.Namely from wine with stemware, private labeling, or even wine hamper. Personalize corporate gift tags may also be included too.

Wedding/Banquet Wines

Wondering which type of wines to serve at your wedding? Do not know how many you will need? Leave your worries behind as we are here to assist you in your needs for wine as you celebrate the happiest day of being a couple.

Choosing the best wine for your own wedding is an important task as you should be keen to details in order to pick the best tasting wine for your wedding.

Events Planning

We have held event for different requirement and needs. E.g, Wine Dinner, Wine Networking, Wine Reception, Wine Appreciation and many others. Details from pairing of wines, proposal of restaurant, special menu specially design. Stemware rental is also made available to ease clients requirement.


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