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Our Logistics function takes on an integrated role in bringing all our products from the port to the doorstep of our warehouses and customers. By managing our own fleet of vans, warehouses, wine storage facilities and human resources, we ensure that our wines and spirits are well stored and handled such that they consistently reach our customers all over the region in prime condition.

Our licensed warehouses serve the region and allow our products to be stored well before being consolidated in shipments to the Asia pacific. This important facility provides quick turn around Just-in-time services to ensure that our customers' needs are always cared for promptly and efficiently. As stocks are kept current, our customers can be assured of a fresher and wider variety of beverage choices to choose from all the time.

Commercial Storage Rate Card W.E.F 1st March 2014

Service Description Rate
Standard Cellarage - Monthly
< 50cl S$ 0.20
> 50 to < 75cl S$ 0.25
> 75 to < 150cl S$ 0.40
> 150 to < 300cl S$ 0.70
> 300 to < 600cl S$ 1.30
> 600 to < 900cl S$ 1.90
> 900cl S$ 3.10
Caged Cellarage - Monthly
Each cage holds max 20 cases and comes with a serialised security seal. (complimentary for initial deposit)
Per Cage S$ 96.00
Serialised security seal S$ 0.50/per seal
Full Coverage Plan
on total declared value (t.d.v.) 1.5% of t.d.v. (upon request by customer)
Standard Rates for Deposit / Withdrawal / Transfer
Minimum notice of 1 full business day.
< 75cl S$ 0.30
> 75 to < 150cl S$ 0.60
> 150 to < 300cl S$ 1.20
> 300 to < 600cl S$ 2.40
> 600 to < 900cl S$ 3.60
> 900cl S$ 4.80
Urgent Deposite / Withdrawal / Transfer
Same business day service 2x Standard Rate
Delivery to / Collection from One Location - Reefer Truck Svs
Minimum notice of 1 full business day.
First 20 Cases S$ 100.00/ trip
21st Case and Each Subsequent Cases S$ 2.00
Urgent Delivery to / Collection from One Location
same business day service.
First 20 Cases S$ 250.00/trip
21st Case and Each Subsequent Cases S$ 4.00
Handling Fees
For every deposit and delivery S$50/ min per pallet (1CBM)
Forklift charges S$80 min per 4CBM
Others (Utilized pallets(price subject to change without prior notice)
Fumigated wooden S$45.00/pallet
Non - fumigated wooden S$30.00/pallet
Plastic (export) S$35.00/pallet
Inventory Reports
Complimentary with every Deposit or Withdrawal Transaction
Per Set S$ 10.00
Amendment or Cancellation of Permit
Per Permit S$ 25.00
Changing of Shipping Documents
Per Trip S$ 35.00
TradeNet Services
Calculation for Duty & GST payment S$ 2.00/per LOT
Retrieval of Documents
Per page S$ 2.00
Declaration Fee
(Per permit)
maximum of 25 SKUs per Permit
Removal (RM) Permit
Alcohol Duty & GST Payment (DP) Permit
GST Payment (IG) Permit
Exemption Permit
(Concessionary rate of $35.00 for Diplomatic EMBASSIES only)
S$ 50.00

Inward (II) Permit $200.00
Export (OO) Permit $200.00
Repacking (per Case) inclusive of Case S$ 6.00
Stock Take Request S$ .40/btl
Account Individual SKU Lot (per SKU) S$ 15.00
Stock Retrieval for Viewing S$ 0.40
Digital Image (per Piece) S$ 2.00
Courier Fee (per Location) S$ 20.00
Postage Charges (per Envelope) S$0.50
Any other service request by customer TBA
Pallets Utilised for Export (per Piece) S$ 45.00
Stuffing or Un-Stuffing of 20` Container S$ 250.00
Shipment Collection from or Delivery to Port or Airport
Loose Container Load Shipments to or from Terminal At Cost
Haulage of 20’ Containers to or from Terminal S$ 175.00
Service Fees for Singapore Customs
For Unstuffing of Containers on Companyís Premises Only.
Customs Supervision ⁄ Survey
Transportation Fees for Customs Officer
Additional Services Required From Customs
These charges shall be billed at cost to Client
Handling Fee for Waiver of Customs Supervision S$ 160.00
PSA Port Handling Charges
Lift On ⁄ Lift Off (LOLO) Charges
Terminal Handling Fee
Deport Handling Charges
PortNet Charges
Container Washing Charges
Store Rent ⁄ Demurrage Charges
Terminal Documentation Fees
Forklift Charges
These charges shall be billed at cost to Client
Bankerís Guarantee
Applicable for Inward (II), Export (OO) and Removal (RM) Permits Only
Per 20` Container S$ 280.00
Per Permit for LCL Shipments S$ 100.00
* Tariff ⁄ Charges are subject to change by the relevant authorities.
Clients will be invoiced based on the revised rates from the effective date of change.
All above rates are subject to GST.

Note: We do not accept Credit Card payments.

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