Welcome to CornerStone Wines - Hong Kong

Established in 1938, Hock Tong Bee (Private) Limited has been family-owned and independent ever since. It is currently under the leadership of Mr Clinton Ang, the 3rd Ang generation. Having pioneered the wine industry in Asia, his father Mr Aloysius Ang (2nd generation) is now an eminent figure in history.

third Generation


Today, Hock Tong Bee (Private) Limited is no longer just a traditional family-owned business but a dynamic one with corporate strategies and developments in place, making it one of the oldest and largest independent wine and spirit companies in Singapore and an increasingly significant regional player.

Established by Alan Chiu and Clinton Ang in 2006, which are the second and third generation respectively in the family businesses. The Ang and Chiu families have a long term and close relationship. The company concentrates on the top end market and provides the best wine brands from all over the world.

CornerStone Distribution (HK) Limited is a joint venture between the two of oldest wine merchants in the region, Hock Tong Bee (Private) Limited (1938) from Singapore www.CornerStoneWines.com and Anrise -IMC Limited (1982) from Hong Kong www.anriseimc.com